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summer camps

Questions About the Camp?  Click Here for Answers

a place where children and teens go during the summer vacation and do various activities


Our primary focus of the summer camp is to expose youth to STEAM and other lesser known, non-traditional professions critical to the Entertainment industry. Our hope, with your involvement, is to expose and give young creatives direct access to industry professionals such as yourself and expand their mind about the endless possibilities.

Ages 11 and Up*

$250 per week or $450 for Two Weeks

Do You Want to Work in Hollywood?

Do You Want a Career in TV & Film?

Join us and Learn more about STEAM Careers in the Entertainment Business that you'd never think of...

There are countless roles in the Entertainment Industry that we’ve never heard of: food specialist, set designer, animation, prop master, Music Supervisor, software engineer, imaging specialist, asset management and more. 


On behalf of Syren Entertainment and Media Group, LLC., Syren Arts Academy and Katy ISD, we invite you to our Inaugural STEAM SUMMER CAMP 2023. Learn from working music, television and film professionals about their careers in the entertainment industry. Be inspired by the skills, education and hard work required to make your dreams come true.

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