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The Worlds Greatest MUSIC Catalog and Syncing Service


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A streamlined platform to help your music get synced in TV, Film, and many more!

• What is is a one stop licensing and clearing platform used by Music Supervisors world over to find talent and their music for use an/or placement in TV, Film etc. Now, are you ready to share your musical masterpiece with the world? Join our dynamic music catalog and let your harmonies transcend boundaries. 🌎✨ 🎶 Amplify Your Music: Our platform is designed for visionaries like you, eager to reach global audiences hungry for fresh sounds. Whether you're a composer, songwriter, or producer, our catalog provides the perfect stage for your creativity to shine. 🌟 Endless Opportunities: Imagine your melodies setting the mood for films, commercials, and inspiring the masses. By signing up, you unlock a world of possibilities where your compositions can become the soundtrack to unforgettable moments. 🚀 Seamless Exposure: Your music deserves recognition, and our catalog ensures it gets heard by industry professionals and music enthusiasts alike. Elevate your profile, gain followers, and connect with fellow creators in a supportive artistic community. 📈 Unrivaled Reach: With a global network at your fingertips, your tunes won't be confined to a single corner. Join us to witness your music resonating in places you've only dreamed of, spreading joy and emotion far and wide. 🎁 Empowering Your Journey: We're not just a catalog; we're your partners in success. From customizable artist profiles to insightful analytics, we provide the tools you need to thrive in today's music landscape. 🎊 Join the Melodic Movement: Don't miss your chance to be a part of something extraordinary. Embrace the opportunity to amplify your music, touch hearts, and leave a lasting sonic legacy. Sign up now with us and let your melodies create ripples that span the globe. 🌍🎹 Your masterpiece deserves nothing less! 🎹🎵 [Sign Up Today - Let Your Music Soar!] 🎵🎹

• What is Sync?

Sync (or synchronization) is a process where songs are combined with moving images – film, TV series, adverts, video games, and trailers.

• How can sync benefit me?

There are various reasons why sync is important to any creative (i.e. a composer, songwriter, singer, artist): residual income, creates a greater awareness of new material and boost in music sales. That being said, sync deals can often pay more than physical music sales, especially if the song is re-used on multiple platforms. So, every time a song is reproduced in any visual media, the original owner of the music is paid a fee, known as a royalty. It is as a stepping stone towards gaining widespread recognition and expanding your fan base, locally and internationally. You might not be rewarded instantly, but sync deals aid your prospects just by making your music accessible.

• Why should you subscribe to is a one-stop licensing platform spearheaded by Music Supervisors and Music Executives who have a direct pulse to television, film and gaming projects. With your subscription, you will gain direct access to upcoming projects, educational workshops, EduMedia Mixers, creative collaborations and more.

• Is my subscription free?

Yes. However, for greater benefits, we strongly recommend considering one of the various three (3) paid tiers: Pianissimo $12.00/month, Mezzo Forte $20.00/month and Fortissimo $49.99/month.

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